What is MCE

• NGO/ NPO to organize workcamps and other voluntary projects in Mongolia
• Full member of NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia)
• Partner of ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organizations and SCI-International


1)Brief History
When: Mongolian workCamps Exchange (MCE) was established on January 11th, 2001 by an individual who had participated in the 3rd Training & Networking Workcamp of NVDA in Vietnam.
Why: Before 2000, there were no workcamp organizations or international voluntary service in Mongolia. However, there was much need for international voluntary projects to improve a Mongolian society. Through practical work projects, MCE hopes to encourage public awareness of Mongolia’s social problems and promote local actions.
2) Aims
a)To create/ develop/ revive ecological, self sufficient and warm-hearted civilization.
We promote exciting voluntary actions by fresh ideas and mobility as a youth NPO, to shift the world with too much competition and expansion into more healthy one for both nature and people.
b) To encourage activities of NGO/NPOs and activation of local communities
We create opportunities to meet new people and to start new actions by involving many locals. We make bridges between isolated NPOs and local people, and invite youth to depopulated areas.
c) To promote global friendship, understanding and solidarity
We grow exchange naturally among world youth and local people through living, working, talking and laughing together. They can improve global views/ sensitivity and language/ planning skills.
3) Activities
a)To organize international workcamps in Mongolia with local partners and people
b) To send volunteers from Mongolia to workcamps
c) To develop various networks of NGO/NPOs
d) Promotion of NVDA common actions in the national and international level
4) workCamps & volunteers

In 2009: 24 projects- 251 International vols & 46 Mongolian vols
In 2010: 25 projects- 297 International vols & 67 Mongolian vols
In 2011: 29 projects- 276 International vols & 49 Mongolian vols
In 2012: 23 projects- 286 International vols & 32 Mongolian vols
In 2013: 24 projects- 267 International vols & 29 Mongolian vols
In 2014: 22 projects- 272 International vols & 31 Mongolian vols
5) Finance
a) We don’t have any support from Mongolian Government and other International organizations. Running cost of MCE (staffs, offices, transportation, communication etc.) is managed by the participation fees of volunteers who join workCamps in Mongolia.
b) Project cost (food, accommodation, transportation etc.) of international workcamps in Mongolia is prepared by the fees from volunteers too.