The Conditions of Participation


1) Insurance
We can NOT prepare any insurance for the workcamps in Mongolia. Therefore it is very important to prepare travel insurance by yourself before the departure. In many cases, it may be better for you to use your own travel insurance rather than this Volunteer Insurance which procedure is complicated and take a long time.
2) Participation fee and Cost to be covered
• All volunteers need to pay 250 USD (or equivalent of EURO or MNT) as a participation fee
Participation fee used for :
1. Administration cost of MCE and fund for the future development
2. Investment for the project sides, local hosts
3. Running expenses of workcamps
• Meals (three times in a day) and accommodation DURING the workcamp period.
• Accommodations during the workcamp
• Transportation for the program organized by MCE, such as voluntary service.
• Pick up service only from airport or train station.
All travel cost to / from the workcamp and all the personal expense during free time such as transportation, alcohol, sweet, etc. and after the workcamp transportation to airport/train station must be covered by Volunteers.
3)Workcamp Language
All participants are required to speak English during the workcamp as a common language. Also, you had better try to speak Mongolian with local people! Even if you say “Sain baina uu” or “Bayartai”, local people may feel you much closer. Sometimes, they may be shy to foreigners, so your friendly attitude is very important..
4) Arrival & Stay



All volunteers are required to arrive at the workcamp on the first day (09:00AM), and to stay till the last day (13:00PM) since we often have orientation & introduction / evaluation meeting & cleaning accommodation and welcome / farewell party on the first / last day. We drive back all volunteers to Ulaanbaatar and by around 13:00PM of last day volunteers will back in Ulaanbaatar.

Your participation is very important for both you and us. In case of any difficulty, please mention it on “The Confirmation Form”.
5) Cooperation
The qualifications of volunteers are as follows;
1) Best motivation for voluntary work (Special skills & physical strength are not necessary.)
2) Responsibility to follow the rules of MCE & the hosts, and to cooperate to run workcamps
3) Best efforts to understand & respect the Policies,way& culture of MCE and the hosts
4) Aged 18 or over with the good physical/ mental health (There is some cases we accept under 18)
5) Open minded to make friends, try to speak English in the group and Mongolian with locals language with locals as much as possible
6) Able to adapt (and enjoy!) simple living conditions
Although the workcamp will be very pleasant & enjoyable, if you only wish to enjoy holiday, please cancel the participation immediately and do travel yourself. However, if you are motivated for the voluntary service to create the better world and for friendship with local people and other volunteers, you are very welcome !!!
Please remember to keep your room, accommodation clean, and not to make too much noise especially at night.
Each of our workcamps have 1 camp-leader from MCE, and their role is to act as coordinators of the group and to contact with local people. Please do not expect too much assistance from your leaders because workcamps should be run and created by each one of you!
If your attitude and actions are too uncooperative / negative (e.g., not working properly, not keeping the rules/ cooking turns, breaking the local manners/ cultures, excluding somebody ,breaking the group atmosphere ,etc.), the leader, local coordinators or MCE staffs may ask you to improve. In case you don’t, we have to tell you to leave the workcamp as the final choice. This is a very sad situation, but sometimes necessary though almost all of the past volunteers were very nice !