Check list


          •  Sleeping bag in case of having picnic
          •  Camera and share film batteries
          •  It should be travel big backpack or suitcase made by sooth materials to make comfortable your trip
          •  Every big backpack, suitcases appropriate to have hanging small lock
          •  Light backpack for daily trip

          •  Daily usage camera, water bottle and backpack includes other items

Clothes and equipments
          •  Shoes suitable walking and riding with thick socks
          •  Lightweight shoes
          •  Warm jacket and pillowed
          •  Rain coat, cloak with cowl proof of water and wind
          •  Trousers suitable for riding
          •  Casual pants, shirt, pullover etc that are suitable to wear in down town
          •  Long sleeved shirt
          •  T-shirt
          •  Shorts
          •  Gloves
          •  Waterproof clothing: trousers, top
          •  Woolen hat
          •  Sun hat
          •  Sun glasses (with cover)
          •  Socks, underwear, nightwear
Technical supply
          •  Sleeping bag in case of having picnic
          •  Camera and share film batteries
          •  Torch and batteries for camping head
          •  Water bottles
          •  Water plastic case with 1 liter of capacity
          •  Matches
          •  Plastic bags in order to protect your items from moisture
          •  Photocopy of your passport and other important documents
          •  Four season sleeping bag, liner
          •  Pocket knife
          •  Mosquito cream
          •  Common antibiotics
          •  Lip balm
          •  Female tampon
          •  Tissues
          •  Towel (dedicated to wash, wipe and dry)
          •  Pills for anti-diarrhea, constipation, stomach upset, headache and other like sunburn, skin irritation
          •  Jacket light or head light with batteries
          •  First aid or medicine box
          •  Books, magazines, notebooks
          •  Money belt
          •  Travel food is provided but you can bring your favorite snakes
          •  Ditty box (needle and thread)